Kyle Patrick

Yes, that is the name of this little gentleman that I had the great pleasure to photograph for a year. His mother, Serena and dad Kyle, would bring him back to the studio every 3 months for us to capture beautiful images. What you’re about to see is this little miracle’s images through out the year.


I remember as of today the first day I met this little chunk. I was nervous and scared that it would be just another bad newborn session. As I was just starting shooting newborns,  he made me believe that I could do this. After his session, I stopped thinking that newborn photography was only for female photographers :). At only a few days old, he slept through out the entire session. I DID IT ! And this is what I was able to capture: A little perfect miracle. So tiny, delicate and beautiful.


And he grows a bit older ! And grows fast !!! Oh man, what do parents give to these little ones these days ? It’s amazing how much they change and with Kyle it was no different. Holding his head up high, with his crazy hair lol, we were able to capture some adorable pictures of him alone and his beautiful mommy and daddy. Very nice people that treated me with all respect. They never felt like clients coming just for photos, they felt like true friends just having fun, and I was there with my camera :).




Oh man, who is this kid with a hair cut ? Lighter hair and these crystal blue eyes ? The same little munchkin from up there ? YES !!! Mr. Kyle was back for another session ! Here, he looks all grown up, wearing big kiddos outfits and thinking he was the boss. I remember how mommy was nervous because this little chunk DIDN’T stop moving ! Yet, it’s the cutest 9 months old pictures I ever took ! Look at them, aren’t they just perfect ???


WHATT ? A year has gone by and this little tiny human being is not so tiny anymore, not so delicate (literally, you will see his cake pictures ahah) still adorable ! Mommy decided to do a cake smash session and what a success !!! He destroyed his cake. When I say DESTROYED I mean it. We had to stop him so we could clean a bit otherwise he would clean his body, floor, anything lol ! I’m printing a large canvas to hang on my studio to show all my future cake smashers how its done !!! Enjoy his last set of pictures !!!


That is it folks ! A year of a big boy that will grow up to be an amazing little man ! All I have to say is THANK YOU Serena and Kyle for always supporting, for trusting my artistic vision and for being the most amazing, easy clients ! I hope to see you guys back when little Kyle is a bit older. Because it would brake my hear to stop seeing him grow !!! (PS: I know they are coming back for a fall family session lol)


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