My kids will not pose for me - Kids Photography Greenwich CT

My kids will not pose for me to take their photos ! YES I hear that all the time ! From moms, dads, grandmas ! I know it's sad but is the truth ! GUESS WHAT ? My kids won't sit for me too ! They are the sweetest loving kids I ever know, but when it comes to take photos they DO NOT listen to me or care to look at my camera !!!  WHYYY ???

You would think that the photographer's kids is so used to taking photos that they will pose and do whatever I want but you're wrong ! They want to eat whatever I have available for my clients, they want to ride and play with all my props, even my albums that I have as samples becomes toys in their hands is just amazing !!!

Kids Photography is not for everyone ! I say that from time to time ! It takes lots of patience and determination ! You have to work for it, and some of them make us SWEAT to get one good photo ! But at the end is all worth ! You will see at the end of this post despite all the craziness I was able to capture a few good, candid photos of these two little ones !

Here are a few funny behind the scenes photos ! This is the reality that goes down with almost EVERY single photoshoot !

kids photography in westchester ny

children photography in greenwich ct
My Big Boy Luca
children photography in greenwich ct
My Princess Bella

children photography in greenwich ct

YES ! That is a normal photoshoot hahah ! Out of hundreds images that I take, most of them will turn out like this ! Well, not all cases, some kids are just born with a model in them so they make the perfect subject !

Anyways ! My point is, no matter how hard it looks, how frustrating and stressing it is, in the end I ALWAYS find a way to capture stunning photos of my subjects. Parents often think their photoshoot was a waste of time, but when they come to view the photos they are amazed by the outcome !

Here are just a few images that I saved out of hundred's that I took...

kids photography in westchester ny

kids photography in greenwich ct

kids photography in greenwich ct

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Lifestyle Newborn photos - Greenwich, CT

lifestyle newborn photos
Lifestyle Newborn photos in Greenwich CT, beautiful baby photos at the comfort of their home.

Last year, the Retner family invited me into their home to celebrate the arrival of their first child, Roy. I knew I was up to something with this beautiful young family. As soon as I arrived at their small apartment I felt in love with Roy's nursery. It was bright and airy, perfect environment for the lifestyle newborn photos !

Roy was a sweet and peaceful baby, he didn't do so well during his session at my studio, but at the comfort of his home, surrounded by the love of his parents he was a little model ! Between diaper changes and bottles we captured the beautiful connection between, mother, father and this adorable little boy.

Check out these beautiful lifestyle newborn photos :)

lifestyle newborn photos

lifestyle newborn photos

Baby cuddles are the best :)

lifestyle newborn photos

lifestyle newborn photos

lifestyle newborn photos

lifestyle newborn session

There is nothing more sweet than capturing a baby or family photos at the comfort of their home. The feelings and connections is stronger as their are used to the environment and don't have to spend any time warming up to another location or photographer ! Everything is just more natural !

lifestyle newborn session

This is just a few of them... What do you guys think ?

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A deep bond beyond our eyes ! - Children and Family Photographer in Greenwich CT & Westchester NY

Hey everyone, today I'm here to write about a very special session I got to do this week. As many of you know I'm niched to family and children photography for years. As much as I love working with these little nuggets and beautiful families sometimes I just wish to capture something different, just so I can get a bit creative and try new things :)

Well, this week I got my wish. I had the honor to photograph this beautiful bond and friendship between this stunning horse named Candy and her rider, Kat :). Let me tell you something, seeing their relationship and how they interacted with each other was beautiful ! It amazes me how horse riders are able to control and give directions to these big animals. Let's be honest, the truth is that they could hurt us at anytime, just look at their size and power. But no, they are one of the most respectful and delicate animals there is !

I was in only ! I also may want a horse so I can ride it... ahah just kidding! But I won't mind taking more pictures of these beautiful creatures !

Check out just a few of the images we were able to capture together :)


Pictures taken at a beautiful farm in Mahopan, New York - Limelight Farm

Here is what they have to say:

Limelight Farm emphasizes horsemanship, safety and success at all levels. Whether you are looking for top notch show services or you are new to horseback riding, Limelight Farm will develop a individualized program that fits your needs.

Peltz Kids 2017 - Greenwich CT

Now that Christmas is over, we all can take deep breaths and relax. All you mothers who stressed out trying to host the perfect party, perfect decoration perfect everything have a bottle of wine, ALL BY YOUR SELF ! You deserve it ! After that bottle is done, go figure out what to do with so many gifts, so many toys, so many presents that you don't even know what to do with ! I know, it's sad but nowadays the holidays involve around gifts and as much we don't want to be that way it just is ! Everyone who comes over brings gifts, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and family from across the country mail in gifts, is just crazy and sad that everything will end up either in the trash one day, on your attic collecting dust for years or just behind every other useless item you have store on your closet right ???

This is one of the reason's I try to gift my family and friends things they can eat, or a collectible items that has a meaning to them or a portrait of my kids ! Yes! When I stop and look at all my clients photos I wonder if they gift them to family members? Because you know what ? That 8x10 print may be more meaningful to your spouse, grandmother or whoever  than any other gift that you can give it to them. That photograph will be on your family for so many years, they may put on a drawer one day, but 10 years late that will still have a meaning to them or bring a warm memory ! Pictures are timeless ! They are memories that should be gifted and preserved in every single family !!! Thing about this next holiday season !!! What gift will still be with them 10-15 years from now ?

Alright, now that I shared my thoughts on gifts :) I want you all to see these little cuties that I have being photographing for a few years ! Jack and Stella ! They are always a pleasure to work with and two little nuggets ! I hope mom Andrea GIFTED these images to family members ahah ! Enjoy their cute faces :)



Help me gift a Mounted print for this family to keep it as a legacy for their family !

Comment on this post, if she receives 10 comments she will get a 11x14 Mounted Print, if she receives 18 comments she will get a 16x20 Mounted Print.

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Behind the Scenes - Make if happen !

Sometimes special clients have special requests ! Either they have a location in mind, a time in mind or even a look that they wish to accomplish during their photo session ! And we photographers have to work our magic and make it happen.

This specific family wanted to photograph at this gorgeous land where they lived. I mean, the place is gorgeous, so many places to photograph, I could have spent one day shooting them !!! BUT, between their work schedule and baby nap we booked our session at a specific time and all I did was pray for good lighting giving that I didn't know the location yet....

When I got there, it was not the most ideal light, but I knew how important shooting at this place meant to this family so I decided to go ahead. I knew there were going to be a few challenges with lighting. But properly posing them and finding the perfect spots and a good editing technique we were able to capture these beautiful images for this family !

I would love for you all to see the before and after images ! So whenever we are shooting, I don't want you to stress to much about the time of day or light ! Let me take care of it ! I promise you will love every single image and cherish them forever ! Just like this family did !

Baby Sofia - 11 Days Old


The crazy season for photographers is almost wrapping up ! So many cards and photo gifts being delivered ! Is just a excited time of the year for me as I get to meet so many great families ! And in between all that craziness a sweet baby girl showed up on my studio this past month...

Baby Sofia ! Oh sweet baby !!! Yes, what a sweet, chubby chunky baby ! Look at all these little rolls ! At only 11 days old she was sleepy as they come ! Here are a few photos of her session...

Thank you so much Tania for bringing this little Angel to the studio !!! I hope she brings you an your family many years of joy ! Hope to see her soon !
View more newborn photos by clicking here.

Little Gabi :) Beyond special little girl...

There are a few clients that gives you that real excitement when they call to book their session... This little girl's mom is one of them :). Gabi ! I have being photographing her for a few years now, and no matter how much she grows, how her personality changes... we always have a good time ! And we always capture the most adorable photos... I just love how friendly, adorable and opinionated she is...

You know you have a really good relationship with a child when she tells the school teacher that she has her own personal photographer :) How cute is that ? Ohhh and that I take greater pictures than the school photographer... ahah ! I laughed when mommy told me !

So here is the latest pictures we did just a few days ago... What do you guys think ? Share your thoughts on the comments !

Family and Children photographer in Greenwich, Connecticut. Studio session at Ravanelli Photography.

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Mazel Tov James ! Another great event with the Schiff family :)

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was photographing a very special event for the Schiff family ! Nick's Bar Mitzvah ! Ever since that day I have kept in touch with this beautiful family and little by little we developed a friendship !!! Click here to view Nick's Bar Mitzvah's photos.

I was thrilled when Kara contacted me again this year to photograph their second son, James, Bar Mitzvah ! This time was different ! Not that Nick's service wasn't great, but James service was so emotional that I was so happy to be part of that moment. I don't know if it was because I knew them already, but you could feel the emotions with James.

The little that I got to talk to him I can tell that he is a sweet, warm hearted guy ! He is so loving and everyone just adores him. I saw so many friends and family share his feelings and crying with him as his mother spoke to him that day :).

I'm blessed to be able to photograph and witness this even with this family! Again !

Thank you Kara ! For believing in me since day one !

Thanks James for being such and awesome dude ! Mazel Tov !

Hope you all enjoy this little sneak peak:

Thank you for visiting ! Please share your thoughts with James on the comments :)



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Beautiful connections... Family Photographer in Westchester NY and Connecticut

What a beautiful family ! What else can I say ? Had a great time working with these folks ! They were fun, super friendly and easy to work with. The kids were natural !

So happy to deliver this beautiful images plus two canvases that they ordered during their viewing session ! Thank you Cappa Family for the great time we had together ! Hope you enjoy these photos for years to come !

What do you guys think ? Isn't they just beautiful ?


New style ! New colors and much more to come !

Hey everyone, I'm so happy and excited too share this new images with you guys ! I recently decided to change my style a bit when photographing kids !!! I have being photographing them in pale and gray backgrounds for a few years, and to be honest I just got tired of it. It was limiting my props and lighting techniques so I decided to CHANGE !!!

After rebranding I wanted to create a unique style that no other photographer does in the tri-state area ! I want to be different and offer something new to all my clients !!! So I decided to try a few colorful backgrounds and loved IT ! Yellows, blues, greens, reds or whatever color I shoot this littles ones they look amazing !!!

So here it is, my very first session with Little Connor and his brother Kiren ! This is just the beginning a new era for Ravanelli Photography ! I can't wait to show what else is coming to my studio !!! Hope you all love it !

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