The Rideout Family - Bright Signs

Hello Everyone,

I want you all to meet this beautiful family ! The Rideout Family.



I had the great pleasure to meet and photograph this family two weeks ago. At the beginning, they were just an ordinary family that I had a great time working with. It wasn't until our viewing session that Shelby, the mother, started talking about their newly company to help educate and inspire children to want to read at a very young age, that I realized they were very special !

After Shelby left, I went straight to their website,, and started watching their videos. It's adorable to see what Shelby has done and how much her own kids enjoy to learn from her education videos and cards. As an expecting parent, I cannot wait to have her products on my hand and teach my child to learn :)

Thanks Shelby for sharing your brilliant idea to the world ! I suggest everyone to take a look and watch her videos ! I'm sure your kids will love too :)


















Check out their page by clicking on the logo below.Until next time :)

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