There are a few clients that gives you that real excitement when they call to book their session… This little girl’s mom is one of them :). Gabi ! I have being photographing her for a few years now, and no matter how much she grows, how her personality changes… we always have a good time ! And we always capture the most adorable photos… I just love how friendly, adorable and opinionated she is…

You know you have a really good relationship with a child when she tells the school teacher that she has her own personal photographer 🙂 How cute is that ? Ohhh and that I take greater pictures than the school photographer… ahah ! I laughed when mommy told me !

So here is the latest pictures we did just a few days ago… What do you guys think ? Share your thoughts on the comments !

Family and Children photographer in Greenwich, Connecticut. Studio session at Ravanelli Photography.

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