Sometimes special clients have special requests ! Either they have a location in mind, a time in mind or even a look that they wish to accomplish during their photo session ! And we photographers have to work our magic and make it happen.

This specific family wanted to photograph at this gorgeous land where they lived. I mean, the place is gorgeous, so many places to photograph, I could have spent one day shooting them !!! BUT, between their work schedule and baby nap we booked our session at a specific time and all I did was pray for good lighting giving that I didn’t know the location yet….

When I got there, it was not the most ideal light, but I knew how important shooting at this place meant to this family so I decided to go ahead. I knew there were going to be a few challenges with lighting. But properly posing them and finding the perfect spots and a good editing technique we were able to capture these beautiful images for this family !

I would love for you all to see the before and after images ! So whenever we are shooting, I don’t want you to stress to much about the time of day or light ! Let me take care of it ! I promise you will love every single image and cherish them forever ! Just like this family did !