A bit of happy tears...

I know there are thousands of videos of little princesses singing Disney songs on YouTube.com. But this little girl really caught my attention. Seeing how much love and care her father put into this video makes it really special.

Every child has their favorite songs and movies when growing up. For many little girls it is "Part Of That World" from The Little Mermaid. A classic song with such a powerful message. Now, watch Claire Ryann, this adorable 3 year old singing her version of this classic. The video is very emotional, lots of cuteness and adorable faces.

Watch and enjoy some sweet tears :)

Looking through her YouTube channel, I have also found this beautiful video of her singing Gethsemane.

What do you guys think ?

"The Croods" - Dun, Dun, Duuunnnnn !!!


Okay okay, I admit ! I'm a big kid inside !!! My perfect Sunday afternoon is going to the movies to watch a GREAT animated movie !  Let's all be honest, who doesn't like the funny jokes of the stinky sloth Sid, on Ice Age ?  Who doesn't like all the fury, wired, funny creatures animators creates ? What about all the heart felt lessons your little ones can learn ? Animated Movies are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E !

That being said, 'DreamWorks' did an incredible job with it's new movie "The Croods" ! Yes !!! The movie is just funny from beginning to end, great characters, spectacular scenery and creatures. DreamWorks did an excellent job of making the dangerous creatures not so scary  to small kids ! The prehistoric characters of Croods held the attention of all the kids in the theater, including me ;D.

What else ? It's fun, beautiful and touching, if you cry at movies, you might want to bring a box of tissue ;D. Go see it ! It's a GREAT Family movie for a perfect family day !!! Watch the trailer below, and click on the image above to visit "The Croods" website.

Let me know what you think !!! What is your favorite animated movie ??? Share with me on my Facebook page HERE.