Behind the Scenes - Make if happen !

Sometimes special clients have special requests ! Either they have a location in mind, a time in mind or even a look that they wish to accomplish during their photo session ! And we photographers have to work our magic and make it happen.

This specific family wanted to photograph at this gorgeous land where they lived. I mean, the place is gorgeous, so many places to photograph, I could have spent one day shooting them !!! BUT, between their work schedule and baby nap we booked our session at a specific time and all I did was pray for good lighting giving that I didn't know the location yet....

When I got there, it was not the most ideal light, but I knew how important shooting at this place meant to this family so I decided to go ahead. I knew there were going to be a few challenges with lighting. But properly posing them and finding the perfect spots and a good editing technique we were able to capture these beautiful images for this family !

I would love for you all to see the before and after images ! So whenever we are shooting, I don't want you to stress to much about the time of day or light ! Let me take care of it ! I promise you will love every single image and cherish them forever ! Just like this family did !

Baby Sofia - 11 Days Old


The crazy season for photographers is almost wrapping up ! So many cards and photo gifts being delivered ! Is just a excited time of the year for me as I get to meet so many great families ! And in between all that craziness a sweet baby girl showed up on my studio this past month...

Baby Sofia ! Oh sweet baby !!! Yes, what a sweet, chubby chunky baby ! Look at all these little rolls ! At only 11 days old she was sleepy as they come ! Here are a few photos of her session...

Thank you so much Tania for bringing this little Angel to the studio !!! I hope she brings you an your family many years of joy ! Hope to see her soon !
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Little Gabi :) Beyond special little girl...

There are a few clients that gives you that real excitement when they call to book their session... This little girl's mom is one of them :). Gabi ! I have being photographing her for a few years now, and no matter how much she grows, how her personality changes... we always have a good time ! And we always capture the most adorable photos... I just love how friendly, adorable and opinionated she is...

You know you have a really good relationship with a child when she tells the school teacher that she has her own personal photographer :) How cute is that ? Ohhh and that I take greater pictures than the school photographer... ahah ! I laughed when mommy told me !

So here is the latest pictures we did just a few days ago... What do you guys think ? Share your thoughts on the comments !

Family and Children photographer in Greenwich, Connecticut. Studio session at Ravanelli Photography.

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Mazel Tov James ! Another great event with the Schiff family :)

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was photographing a very special event for the Schiff family ! Nick's Bar Mitzvah ! Ever since that day I have kept in touch with this beautiful family and little by little we developed a friendship !!! Click here to view Nick's Bar Mitzvah's photos.

I was thrilled when Kara contacted me again this year to photograph their second son, James, Bar Mitzvah ! This time was different ! Not that Nick's service wasn't great, but James service was so emotional that I was so happy to be part of that moment. I don't know if it was because I knew them already, but you could feel the emotions with James.

The little that I got to talk to him I can tell that he is a sweet, warm hearted guy ! He is so loving and everyone just adores him. I saw so many friends and family share his feelings and crying with him as his mother spoke to him that day :).

I'm blessed to be able to photograph and witness this even with this family! Again !

Thank you Kara ! For believing in me since day one !

Thanks James for being such and awesome dude ! Mazel Tov !

Hope you all enjoy this little sneak peak:

Thank you for visiting ! Please share your thoughts with James on the comments :)



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Beautiful connections... Family Photographer in Westchester NY and Connecticut

What a beautiful family ! What else can I say ? Had a great time working with these folks ! They were fun, super friendly and easy to work with. The kids were natural !

So happy to deliver this beautiful images plus two canvases that they ordered during their viewing session ! Thank you Cappa Family for the great time we had together ! Hope you enjoy these photos for years to come !

What do you guys think ? Isn't they just beautiful ?


New style ! New colors and much more to come !

Hey everyone, I'm so happy and excited too share this new images with you guys ! I recently decided to change my style a bit when photographing kids !!! I have being photographing them in pale and gray backgrounds for a few years, and to be honest I just got tired of it. It was limiting my props and lighting techniques so I decided to CHANGE !!!

After rebranding I wanted to create a unique style that no other photographer does in the tri-state area ! I want to be different and offer something new to all my clients !!! So I decided to try a few colorful backgrounds and loved IT ! Yellows, blues, greens, reds or whatever color I shoot this littles ones they look amazing !!!

So here it is, my very first session with Little Connor and his brother Kiren ! This is just the beginning a new era for Ravanelli Photography ! I can't wait to show what else is coming to my studio !!! Hope you all love it !

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a very special little girl...

There are always those special clients that holds a special place :) Jennifer and her beautiful little girl Gabby, is one of them... I have known this little girl since she was very little, and everytime we do a session together, doesn't matter if it's Christmas, Halloween or for any other reason, she is always so sweet and good to me :).

According to mommy I always bring out the best of her, and guess what ??? She always bring out the best of me as a photographer ! Here is a few images of their perfect, beautiful session we just did this month !

Can't wait for our next Christmas session !






ravanelli_photography_6 ravanelli_photography_7ravanelli_photography_14



ravanelli_photography_15ravanelli_photography_17 ravanelli_photography_16

ravanelli_photography_19\ ravanelli_photography_20\ ravanelli_photography_21




Great session with a crazy family :)

Between a crazy photo session, and a even crazier viewing session me and the Latif Family had a great time !

Thank you guys for relying on me to photograph such beautiful images of your family. Seeing the love and care between the kids, not so little anymore,  made me realize how special this was for all of you !

I hope that you cherish these images for a lifetime :) Can't wait for you guys to see the final prints !

family_photographer_westchester_3 family_photographer_westchester_9 family_photographer_westchester_8   family_photographer_westchester_5 family_photographer_westchester_7family_photographer_westchester_4  family_photographer_westchester_1family_photographer_westchester_6

Nick's Bar Mitzvah - An event to remember forever.

As many as of you know, I'm not an event photographer at all for two reasons. For me it's hard to leave my family behind on weekend nights and Sundays to go to work, and dealing with so many people at once it's not always easy. For those reasons I decided 5 years ago that I would not photograph events anymore. BUT, this time was different, I was reached by Kara asking to photograph her son's Bar Mitzvah. From our first email I knew this family was different and I was up to something good :) And I was RIGHT !

I have never being so welcomed in a house full of strangers. They made me feel completely comfortable as if I was part of the family. By the end of the third days I knew I was walking out of there with not just clients, but true friends that I know I'll keep in touch for a long time.

I have told them more than once, and I'll say it again ! THANK YOU :) Thank you for showing so much respect and care for me. You guys truly made me feel part of your family. I was happy to leave my house on Sunday to go photograph Nick's pool party. I couldn't wait to get there and capture beautiful images that you and your family will cherish forever ! I can't wait for you guys to view all the images and memories that I captured !

Thanks Kara, Joseph, Ella, Sophia, James and Nick :)

Hope you guys enjoy this sneak peak !








Kyle Patrick - His first year in the studio !

Kyle Patrick

Yes, that is the name of this little gentleman that I had the great pleasure to photograph for a year. His mother, Serena and dad Kyle, would bring him back to the studio every 3 months for us to capture beautiful images. What you're about to see is this little miracle's images through out the year.


I remember as of today the first day I met this little chunk. I was nervous and scared that it would be just another bad newborn session. As I was just starting shooting newborns,  he made me believe that I could do this. After his session, I stopped thinking that newborn photography was only for female photographers :). At only a few days old, he slept through out the entire session. I DID IT ! And this is what I was able to capture: A little perfect miracle. So tiny, delicate and beautiful.


And he grows a bit older ! And grows fast !!! Oh man, what do parents give to these little ones these days ? It's amazing how much they change and with Kyle it was no different. Holding his head up high, with his crazy hair lol, we were able to capture some adorable pictures of him alone and his beautiful mommy and daddy. Very nice people that treated me with all respect. They never felt like clients coming just for photos, they felt like true friends just having fun, and I was there with my camera :).




Oh man, who is this kid with a hair cut ? Lighter hair and these crystal blue eyes ? The same little munchkin from up there ? YES !!! Mr. Kyle was back for another session ! Here, he looks all grown up, wearing big kiddos outfits and thinking he was the boss. I remember how mommy was nervous because this little chunk DIDN'T stop moving ! Yet, it's the cutest 9 months old pictures I ever took ! Look at them, aren't they just perfect ???


WHATT ? A year has gone by and this little tiny human being is not so tiny anymore, not so delicate (literally, you will see his cake pictures ahah) still adorable ! Mommy decided to do a cake smash session and what a success !!! He destroyed his cake. When I say DESTROYED I mean it. We had to stop him so we could clean a bit otherwise he would clean his body, floor, anything lol ! I'm printing a large canvas to hang on my studio to show all my future cake smashers how its done !!! Enjoy his last set of pictures !!!


That is it folks ! A year of a big boy that will grow up to be an amazing little man ! All I have to say is THANK YOU Serena and Kyle for always supporting, for trusting my artistic vision and for being the most amazing, easy clients ! I hope to see you guys back when little Kyle is a bit older. Because it would brake my hear to stop seeing him grow !!! (PS: I know they are coming back for a fall family session lol)


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