Brotherly Love :)



Another full session ! This time is of Nate and Ryan. These two little characters that I have photographed a few times by now.

I love to capture images of siblings ! As I'm not with them 24/7, I don't see the fights, the arguments and they being cranky to one another lol ! I leave that to the parents !

All I see is an adorable relationship, pure love and care for one another ! It's always a very special session. I usually help them pose, say a few things and let them act however they want ! And this, is usually what I get :)

Cute images that will be cherish for a long time for the Newcomb Family :)

Thanks guys for coming back once again ! Check below a few images we did of Ryan for his First Communion.





We were also able to capture some peaceful image of Ryan for his First Communion :) God bless you little man ! May you always walk on the right path and do good things in this world !

ravanelli-photography-first-communion-1  ravanelli-photography-first-communion-3


Beautiful Family Session

This beautiful young family booked their session before the Holidays 2015. We had to reschedule a few times because of weather, the kids not feeling well and many other reasons. We finally were able to do our session last month and I'm so glad we waited that long :). The kids had a lot of fun !

I loved to see their connection and love between one another. Their individual shots with their kids are my favorite ones ever :)

No more words, I'm happy to be able to share their full family session :)

This is the images that they will cherish for a long time :)














The Rideout Family - Bright Signs

Hello Everyone,

I want you all to meet this beautiful family ! The Rideout Family.

I had the great pleasure to meet and photograph this family two weeks ago. At the beginning, they were just an ordinary family that I had a great time working with. It wasn't until our viewing session that Shelby, the mother, started talking about their newly company to help educate and inspire children to want to read at a very young age, that I realized they were very special !


After Shelby left, I went straight to their website,, and started watching their videos. It's adorable to see what Shelby has done and how much her own kids enjoy to learn from her education videos and cards. As an expecting parent, I cannot wait to have her products on my hand and teach my child to learn :)

Thanks Shelby for sharing your brilliant idea to the world ! I suggest everyone to take a look and watch her videos ! I'm sure your kids will love too :)


Check out their page by clicking on the logo below.Until next time :)

Gianna's First Communion !!!

greenwich photographer for kids
__greenwich photographer for kids_ I had the pleasure to meet this little girl, Gianna, her mom and grandparents. When I first saw her the only thing that came to my mind was; Gosh, I'm gonna have the perfect images with this little princess ! She looked stunning ! We found the perfect location and started our session. I couldn't believe the pictures that was showing on my camera display and how easy it was to photograph her. The result will tell you everything, it was PERFECT !!!

___Thanks Christa for reaching out to me to capture this special time in her life. I know how important First Communion is on a child's life and I'm extremely happy that I got to be part of hers ! We had a great time, and I can truthly say that this family has become more than just a regular client !

May God richly continue to shine down upon her!

greenwich photographer for kids

I hope you love them as much as I DID !

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