What does a full session look like ?

Slow season is here and I'm currently working on new ways to offer a better experience to all my clients :) Meanwhile, here is a few images of a session I did before Christmas. This a very special family to me as we always have a good time taking their family portraits :)

When the client first call me to book their session I make sure I understand their goal and what they would like to do with their images. I just don't photograph every family hoping they will like the images and that somehow it will fit to their house decor. I send them a questionnaire where they answer I few questions to help me customize their session.

This particular family love my new colorful backgrounds so that is what we did. Matching their house decor we picked the best colors and this is the result :). Images that relate to another another, which creates a beautiful story that they can display on a beautiful heirloom album or wall gallery. What do you guys thing ?

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Help me gift a Mounted print for this family to keep it as a legacy for their family !

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