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Cos Cob, CT Family, Newborn, Baby, Children & Maternity Photographer

Ravanelli Photography is a lifestyle photographer available in Cos Cob, CT and surrounding areas that loves to capture your babies and family just as they are.  No busy backdrops, no cluttered props – just simple, timeless, elegant images that will never look dated.

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My name is Michael , owner of Ravanelli Photography. We are a boutique portrait studio located in Greenwich, CT specializing in custom fine art for family, newborn, baby, children and maternity photography. Being a father of two little ones, I learned the truth importance of parenthood. For that reason I specialize in capturing the little details, the connection and love between family members with my photography services.

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less is more

Babies are perfect as they are without the need to add anything. My aim is to capture who they are today in the most authentic way.

your precious memories,
a story worth telling

Memories fade with the time. Photography is what allows us to keep our most precious memories for years to come.
To show our children where they come from and how much they were loved.

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It is not just a photography session:
It is an experience you will remember!

Having a child marks a defining moment in your life. From the day your child was born,

You have a new reason for living.
You have a new reason to love.

what if your precious memories became pieces of art ?

displaying photos in the home sends the message that our family and those in it, are important to one another.