Hey everyone, today I’m here to write about a very special session I got to do this week. As many of you know I’m niched to family and children photography for years. As much as I love working with these little nuggets and beautiful families sometimes I just wish to capture something different, just so I can get a bit creative and try new things 🙂

Well, this week I got my wish. I had the honor to photograph this beautiful bond and friendship between this stunning horse named Candy and her rider, Kat :). Let me tell you something, seeing their relationship and how they interacted with each other was beautiful ! It amazes me how horse riders are able to control and give directions to these big animals. Let’s be honest, the truth is that they could hurt us at anytime, just look at their size and power. But no, they are one of the most respectful and delicate animals there is !

I was in only ! I also may want a horse so I can ride it… ahah just kidding! But I won’t mind taking more pictures of these beautiful creatures !

Check out just a few of the images we were able to capture together 🙂


Pictures taken at a beautiful farm in Mahopan, New York – Limelight Farm

Here is what they have to say:

Limelight Farm emphasizes horsemanship, safety and success at all levels. Whether you are looking for top notch show services or you are new to horseback riding, Limelight Farm will develop a individualized program that fits your needs.