Can you all believe 2018 is here ??? I know, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the New Year !

Time flies for sure !!! Between taking care of two little ones under 2, moving to a new home, rebuilding my studio and my brand, family vacations and everything going on my life 2017 passed in a blink of an eye !!!

Now that I sit on my computer trying to create this blog post, I look back and I can easily say it was one of the best years of my life… Me and my wife have grown so much as parents and as a couple, I’m really proud of both of us ! I learned so much what is like to be a real father. We took really good care of our two kids and I can confidently say they we are raising to be two smart,, respectful and loving children ! Thanks to the help of my parents and sister who is always there when needed !

Bella and Luca are the reason I wake up every day to work, seeing them growing together and developing a loving relationship is priceless ! Yes it is very hard having two little ones, I truly underestimated, but I can honestly say it was the best decision we ever made. They are best friends now and they will be for life !

Me and my wife moved to our first home, we still rent, but it feels great to have a place to call our home ! We designed every single corner of our home and bought everything to our taste ! It feels like HOME ! We love it !

My daughter  Bella who was just a month old in the beginning of the year is now almost walking. My adorable little guy Luca just turned two and is the most loving child I ever met. ( I know we parents say that ) but he really is !!!

Besides all the craziness we had a lot family time, vacations and great get together with friends and family ! We took our second trip to Disney with the kids, Bella’s first, and they just
love it !!! I may move down to Florida just to stay close to Mickey ahah ! Everyone tells I’m crazy taking them at a such young age but I have no regrets ! My son, and now Bella too, are obsessed with Disney. Luca adores Mickey. Check one of the picture below where my wife had to hold him so he wouldn’t run to Mickey :). We also went camping in Delaware, had a week off in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and did many getaways with the kids !!! 2017 you will be missed ! IT was a fun year !!!

My business have continually grown and I’m thankful for you ! I have had so many clients returned and I’m just overwhelmed by all the love and support I received this year ! THANK YOU !!! Let’s make 2018 a better year for Ravanelli Photography and all of us !!!

I can write a book just about 2017, but I know it will be boring for you. So I ran to my Instagram and saved some pictures to share with you !!! If you want to see more follow me @mravanelli.

Hope 2017 was a good year for you and your family as well, and if it wasn’t the best that is okay too ! When a new year starts think of it as a blank book ! Write it ! Make the best of it and enjoy every single day ! Yes life gets on the way sometimes, but make the best of it ! One thing I can say, life is too short ! A year is even shorter, is just a chapter.

Well, I’m going to wrap it up thanking you all once again !!! It was a great year and I really hope to see your pretty faces again in 2018 !

Cheers to a brand New Year ! May this year be filled with happiness, health and joy ! God bless you all !

This was us on Christmas 2017 🙂