Hey everyone, I always have people asking me what do I do to make my pictures look so bright and colorful on Instagram, they all assume that I carry my super heavy professional camera all the time. Truth is, I DON’T ! Running around two kids with  heavy camera is not ideal so I just use my iPhone to capture these special moments. There are tons of tricks that you can do to capture great, bright and colorful photos on the iPhone (will do a blog post later on these tricks) but sometimes these tricks don’t always work with toddlers 🙂 Let’s be honest, they don’t stop moving !

So, I decided to share my editing secrets that I do with almost every photo ! NO, I don’t edit them on photoshop as well, everything is edited on the Instagram app it self. Check out some of my photos below and how I edit them 🙂

Here we go ! Follow these step by step to achieve the same results !

  • Open Instagram app and select which photo you would like to post.
  • Crop it to your liking, for Instagram I like it centered as photos are cropped ration 1:1 (square)
  • Click on next than select filter Sierra, click on Sierra again and bring it down to 80 (adjust to preference) and press done.
  • Click on Edit and play around with the following adjustments. Remember, this varies a bit depending on picture, adjust to your preference.
    • Brightness adjust to 25
    • Saturation, adjust to 20
    • Highlights, adjust to -20
    • Shadows, adjust to 15
    • Sharpen, adjust to 65
  • Click next, add caption and voilà ! You just posted a professional looking photo !
  • Optional 🙂 Tag #ravanelliphotographytips as I would LOVE to see how you guys are doing it !

Make sure you share with friends and family so everyone will post  beautiful photos for you to admire 🙂

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That’s all for today !