Now that Christmas is over, we all can take deep breaths and relax. All you mothers who stressed out trying to host the perfect party, perfect decoration perfect everything have a bottle of wine, ALL BY YOUR SELF ! You deserve it ! After that bottle is done, go figure out what to do with so many gifts, so many toys, so many presents that you don’t even know what to do with ! I know, it’s sad but nowadays the holidays involve around gifts and as much we don’t want to be that way it just is ! Everyone who comes over brings gifts, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and family from across the country mail in gifts, is just crazy and sad that everything will end up either in the trash one day, on your attic collecting dust for years or just behind every other useless item you have store on your closet right ???

This is one of the reason’s I try to gift my family and friends things they can eat, or a collectible items that has a meaning to them or a portrait of my kids ! Yes! When I stop and look at all my clients photos I wonder if they gift them to family members? Because you know what ? That 8×10 print may be more meaningful to your spouse, grandmother or whoever  than any other gift that you can give it to them. That photograph will be on your family for so many years, they may put on a drawer one day, but 10 years late that will still have a meaning to them or bring a warm memory ! Pictures are timeless ! They are memories that should be gifted and preserved in every single family !!! Thing about this next holiday season !!! What gift will still be with them 10-15 years from now ?

Alright, now that I shared my thoughts on gifts 🙂 I want you all to see these little cuties that I have being photographing for a few years ! Jack and Stella ! They are always a pleasure to work with and two little nuggets ! I hope mom Andrea GIFTED these images to family members ahah ! Enjoy their cute faces 🙂



Help me gift a Mounted print for this family to keep it as a legacy for their family !

Comment on this post, if she receives 10 comments she will get a 11×14 Mounted Print, if she receives 18 comments she will get a 16×20 Mounted Print.

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